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The importance of correct skincare at home

Our certified cosmeticians are trained by us and are well qualified to choose the correct Dr. Baumann SkinIdent products for you during a consultation, based on the needs of your skin and the season. These Dr. Baumann SkinIdent cosmeticians are experts in healthy and effective skincare.

The skilled personnel at your Dr. Baumann SkinIdent cosmetic institute are not only experts on the treatments offered at the institute but also especially on planning your home skincare regime. Consider that a 1-2 hour treatment at a cosmetic institute cannot correct what has been caused through incorrect skin care at home. Cosmetic treatments at the institute and home skincare must be coordinated in order to achieve the best success with your skin. Professional treatments are only the initial starting point from where skincare must be continued and perfected at home with the correct products.

Correct daily skincare at home at home is of crucial importance for the condition of your skin. You can trust in the recommendations of your Dr. Baumann SkinIdent cosmetic institute and in DR. BAUMANN products.