Enjoy the Sun

Tips for the correct interaction with the sun 

Enjoy the sun in a healthy safe way

Sun exposure in reasonable doses is healthy e.g. UV rays are responsible for the production of Vitamin D in the skin. However excessive exposure to these UV rays means sunburn is a health hazard.

Premature aging and malignant tumours can be a result of too much sun. In addition hyper pigmentation caused by perfume exposed to the suns rays and allergies caused by preservatives and emulgators in sun protection products etc are a risk.

The Sun and Sunburn
Each individual has a certain natural protection mechanism according to their skin type. Every time the skin is sunburnt it becomes damaged. Sunburn is responsible for Skin Cancer, chronic light damage and pigment malfunctions. In children the pigment cells and the light-protection skin layer do not have the ability to function fully and this makes children’s skin particularly sensitive and vulnerable. It is our responsibility to protect our children. The relevant healthy, quality sun protection is extremely important in these cases.

The Treating Value and Effects of Good Sun products
A good sun lotion should not only protect but should also treat! Intense sun exposure causes the sebum flow to be restricted and the skin dries out. As a result the correct choice of oils to be used in the sun products is of great importance. Commonly petroleum derivatives i.e. mineral oils are used and they tend to “seal” the skins thus disturbing its natural functions. In addition natural Vitamin E is essential in helping to protect the skin from the damaging effects of UV rays. The tendency to add perfume elements should be avoided as this can only result in pigmentation dysfunctions and the creation of allergies.

What is the relevance of a Sun Protection Factor?
The Sun Protection Factor (SPF) determines how much longer one can be exposed to the sun i.e. with the application of a sun protection product as opposed to with an unprotected skin until the skin actually starts to burn. As the effect of a sun protection product is reduced by the time spent in the water, perspiring and accidental removal (towels and clothing) one must reapply the product frequently to secure a functioning SPF. Please note however that frequent applications of a sun product can not raise the value of the SPF or allow one to be in the sun for a longer period of time.

What is the meaning of "waterproof" ­pertaining to sun protection products?
"Waterproof" means that after 20 minutes of time spent in the water 50 % of the SPF must still be present. An additional loss of the SPF occurs as a result of perspiring, the use of towels and clothing. Therefore it is essential to reapply the sun protection product after every water activity. This will ensure that the full effect of the SPF is retained and is especially important for the delicate skins of babies and children.

Higher SPF’s don’t give much more sun protection
The higher the number of the SPF the smaller the difference in the value of the SPF becomes. In fact SPF 10 already reduces the burning rays by 90 %. SPF 20 eliminates damage by 95 % and SPF 50 by 98 %. So between SPF 20 and SPF 50 there is only an additional protective value of 3 %. The application of a product containing an SPF of between 10 and 20 offers the skin a very good protection. With reference to the numbers and the curve on the chart it is clear that only a minimal increase in the SPF protection factor of a sun product was achieved in exchange for an unreasonably large burden created by chemical SPF’s. It’s a high price to pay! Higher SPF’s should therefore be based on mineral pigments such as Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide.

What types of chemical sunscreens bare health risks and how does one ­recognise them?
Chemical sunscreens should be deposited on the skin with the function of absorbing the sunlight. They should be UV stable and definitely not be hormonally active. Years ago the University of Zurich proved that many chemical SPF’s are not UV stable and have a negative hormonal effect. It has already been established that hormonally active chemicals have been found in mother’s milk, fish and in the lakes. As a result of scientific research it is thought that specific chemical UV filters may be questionable from a health point and can create an environmental burden.

Consumer Protection
Research carried out by the University of Zurich and other renowned research institutes have shown that the following UV filters (at least in animals) have a hormonal effect. (Abnormal enlargement of the womb) and it was proven that some UV filters were present in mothers milk, fish and in the sea such as Benzophenone-3 (BP-3), Homosalate (HMS), 4-Methylbenzylidene-Camphor (4-MBC), Octyl-Methoxy-Cinnamate (OMC), Octyl-Dimethyl-Para-Amino-Benzoic-Acid (OD-PABA).

Should normal creams contain an SPF?
From a dermatological point of view, skincare products applied on a daily base should contain no chemical SPF’s so that the daily and yearly burden created by them can be avoided and the  production of Vitamin-D the skin not totally inhibited.

Which SPF’s are recommended by the experts?
Mineral SPF’s such as Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide are fine mineral granules that remain on the surface of the skin. The UVA and UVB rays are reflected and as a result the skin can be successfully protected in a healthy safe way. In high quality sun protection products mineral pigments should be used. This is especially important for the sensitive delicate skins of babies and children where added care and obligations to health and welfare are requisite.

When applying sun protection products with mineral pigments one should take care not to apply too much and to apply it evenly. If this is not done then a light white residue can remain on the skin. From a dermatological standpoint the matchless advantages of a mineral filter have a greater value.

For those of you that would rather choose to use products with chemical sun filters because of the more comfortable application DR. BAUMANN offer you the recommended alternative with an SPF Factor of 25 and Factor 15 (oil free).

The DR. BAUMANN sun care products offer the ideal combination of Sun Protection and skin treatment being mindful of the demanding Bionome quality standards.

SUN LOTION FACTOR 15, 20, 25, 30
The highly active mineral sun filters Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide in combination with natural Vitamin E protect against damaging sun rays. Valuable vegetable oils treat the skin and make it silky smooth. The SUN LOTION FACTOR 30 is especially suitable for children and people with sensitive skin. 

SUN GEL FACTOR 10 Mineral UV Filters
Ever more people are suffering from allergies and sun allergies. A part of this light intolerance is known as “Mallorca Acne”. Above all, certain chemical Sun Protection Factors in combination with fats and emulgators are considered to be a risk. People that suffer from Mallorca Acne should use the DR. BAUMANN fat and emulgator free SUN GEL FACTOR 10 Mineral UV Filters with the mineral filters Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. This product is very popular with sportsmen and women as it feels light and comfortable on the skin and there is no oil present to mix with perspiration and go into the eyes.

It treats and pampers the skin with macadamia nut oil, Shea Butter, and active ingredients such as D-Panthenol, Vitamin A, Aloe Vera, Natural Vitamin E and Carotin Oil. These ingredients calm the skin after sun exposure. The effects are intensified with the addition of a Vitamin A ampoule. Vitamin A has a strongly regenerating effect on the skin.

VITAMIN E 100% Natural Source – as ampoule from DR. BAUMANN
Vitamin E is especially important as a skin protection Vitamin. It protects against free radical damage, premature aging and skin damage through exposure to UV rays. These ampoules must be applied to the delicate skin of face, neck and décolleté before sunbathing or before a visit to the solarium. Almost every DR. BAUMANN and SkinIdent products contains natural Vitamin E. With regular application a healthy natural sun protection develops.

VITAMIN A – as ampoule from DR. BAUMANN
Vitamin A can regenerate sun damaged skin to a certain extent. It is ideal to apply after sun exposure or a solarium visit and before applying the DR. BAUMANN AFTER SUN LOTION. It is very effective for prematurely aged, damaged and lined skin when applied on a regular basis.

VITAMIN E, A, LIPID – as ampoule from SkinIdent
Perfect protection through natural vitamin E, replenishment through vitamin A and outstanding strengthening of the skin’s barrier function through lipids endemic to the skin. A real advantage for any skin, essential for skin over 35.

VITAMIN C, H, D-PANTHENOL – as ampoule from SkinIdent
Skincare ampoules are taken to a new dimension. Protective vitamin C together with biotin (vitamin H, important for the healthy functioning of the skin) and replenishing provitamin D-Panthenol have a lasting effect on your skin.

Solariums give off an extremely high dose of UVA rays. The UVB part is relatively limited so that practically no sunburn occurs. One can expect changes in the deeper layers of the skin because of the depth of UVA penetration. The risk of premature aging and skin cancer is measurably higher when UV exposure is exaggerated. Vitamin E in combination with valuable Shea butter as well as Multilayer Liposomes ensures the moisture giving and protecting effects of the Solarium skin care. The skin maintains a wonderfully natural tan. Regular application as a body lotion results in a treated appearance and a better protection from natural and artificial UV rays.

Lips contain hardly any pigment and can not build any protecting thickening horny layer. As a result they are strongly stressed by the exposure to UV rays. Valuable macadamia nut oil (no mineral oils) in combination with healthy mineral UV protection namely Titanium Dioxide and Natural Vitamin E protect and treat sensitive lips on an ongoing basis. When you apply lipsticks with a colour pigment we strongly recommend the lipsticks in DR. BAUMANN MakeUP Line because they contain no mineral oils-just as is the case in all the other DR. BAUMANN and SkinIdent product lines.

SELF TANNING for Face and Body from SkinIdent
A really fabulous product from the DR. BAUMANN research centre because of its effect and the unusual tolerance levels reached for such a product. The exceptional SkinIdent SELF TANNING enhanced through its exclusively skin and body identical ingredients. Dihydroxyacetone exists in the body as a by product of the gaseous exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen.

This by product interacts with the keratin in the uppermost layers of the skin so that a healthy, even, tan is achieved lasting for many days. This product is perfectly compatible with other SkinIdent products. The skin does not only look wonderfully tanned but looks smooth and silky. We recommend that you first apply a liposome product and then apply the SkinIdent SELF TANNING. An additional cream can then follow according to the skin type and condition.

For a smooth even tan apply the Self Tanning Lotion evenly on the skin. It may also be applied daily. The valuable oils such as shea butter, jojoba, sesame oil and the additional Vitamin E and A gives an added intensive treatment to the nice smelling Self Tanning Lotion by DR. BAUMANN. This should be followed by a cream selected for a specific skin type and condition.

Bronzing Powder
Lightly tanned skin looks especially attractive when the skin shimmers with a golden sheen. The DR. BAUMANN MakeUP Line offers fabulous powder with a myriad of shiny particles.

The easy, smooth application of the DR. BAUMANN Camouflage offers a professional coverage and colour. The application is even and the varieties of colours allow one to mix them in order to perfectly match every skin colour and blend away any skin condition. It is highly recommended for cuperose, spider veins and other skin discolorations. The treating natural oils in the Camouflage give the skin an even, beautiful appearance. The transparent powder sets the Camouflage perfectly.

Bites from insects are irritating and cause unsightly skin reactions. We therefore recommend this light fluid gel with carefully combined performing ingredients from ethereal oils. It is easily applied and gives a pleasant, fresh feeling to the skin. As the effects of the ethereal oils diminish after a few hours it is advisable to apply this product a few times daily. Its absolutely ideal for children.