Ampoules and Masks

Targeted improvements in the skin with the application of concentrated active ingredients, perfect for daily treatment at home.

Ampoules and Masks – Targeted improvements in the skin with the application of concentrated active ingredients

Masks and Ampoules play an important role in the treatment regimens of SkinIdent and DR. BAUMANN. They function as a result a of high concentration of active ingredients in combination with the liposome products, all of which are designed to achieve specific goals and enduring results on the skin. An astounding, focused improvement in the existing skin profile is possible with the above mentioned ingredients. In this way the treatments given by the cosmetician using ampoules, masks and Liposome preparations can be continued most successfully at home with the prescribed homecare products. Your cosmetician will gladly advise you on ideal products and their application for your specific skin profile.

Active Ingredients Ampoules

The wide assortments of Active Ingredients Ampoules concentrates offer a solution to every skin need and skin condition, particularly when used as a daily addition to a skincare regimen, as a regular "cure treatment", or for dealing with specific skin problems and conditions.

The assigned special ampoules by DR. BAUMANN and SkinIdent have advantages that can be realized in the freshness and practicality of application. After each application the ampoules can be hermetically sealed for further use.


A highly valuable characteristic of SkinIdent products is that they contain exclusively skin identical Active Ingredients and Vitamins.

Perfect protection due to the use of natural Vitamin E, optimal regeneration through Vitamin A and an outstanding strengthening of the skins barrier function on the outer skin layers by the skin identical lipids.

The protective properties of Vitamin C together with regenerating provitamin D-Panthenol ensures an exceptionally long-lasting effect of protection and regeneration on your skin.

Hyaluronic Acid and Urea are two essential moisturising factors for the skin. When combined with SkinIdent Liposome products and masks, the result of strong and lasting effects on the skin is particularly amplified.

Lecithin and ceramides are two decisive factors for the barrier (protective) function of the outer skin layers and healthy skin in general. The barrier function of the outer skin layers ensures that the moisture content in the skin is preserved and that environmental damage to the skin is minimized. This ampoule strengthens the natural functions of your skin.


The moisture intensifying Hyaluronic Acid is exceptionally well tolerated by all skin types. In combination with additional active ingredients, it is ideal for a lasting skin firming effect. This also applies to the sensitive eye area.
Regular use of this ampoule compliments the effect of the Eye Cream and Eye Gel.

This ampoule provides ideal support for skin affected by the loss of firmness and moisture, through the intensive moisturising effect of hyaluronic acid.

Information about natural Vitamin E
Natural Vitamin E is the protective vitamin for the skin. It ensures an increase in the moisture content of the horny layer and therefore leads to an improvement in the appearance of the skin`s surface. It counteracts skin damage from free radical activity and as a result has an anti aging effect on the skin. A regular application of Vitamin E leads to an effective UV rays protection.

This ampoule should be used before every sunbathing or Solarium activity on the most sensitive parts of the skin such as the face, neck and décolleté. It is intended for mature skin and for all skin types prone to pigmentation spots and sun allergies.

VITAMIN E 100% Natural Source
This ”honey like” 100% concentration of vitamin E of plant origin is highly recommended when a particularly high Vitamin E content is required. It can be easily combined with other DR. BAUMANN products. 

Vitamin A can regenerate damaged skin and increase the collagen content. Premature development of lines and wrinkles can be contained. This ampoule is the perfect solution for prematurely aging, sun damaged or wrinkled skin.

In combination with other valuable ingredients, this ampoule can influence the micro circulation in the skin and strengthen the capillary walls. It is ideal for significantly reducing the redness in the cheek area, the redness in the nose area and for the treatment of cuperose. 

In spite of a richer treatment the skin can still appear flaky and inflexible when the lipid content of the horny layer is disturbed as a result of aging, environmental influences, or incorrect skincare. The gel like substance between the cells i.e. the intercellular substance with its lipid content is responsible for the varied functions of a healthy skin. The intercellular substance is comprised mainly of ceramides. Applying the CERAMIDE Ampoule effectively counteracts flakiness and inflexibility.

The combination of basil, chamomile and savory, used as anti irritant active ingredients makes it the perfect solution for impure, dry skins and skins with a tendency to redness. Impure skins with pimples should be treated simultaneously with ACTIVE CARE.

Ideal for a skin with a thick horny layer or with stubborn white heads. As lecithin positively influences the water content of the horny layer, it causes a loosening of superfluous dead cells and whiteheads allowing for their more efficient removal. The presence of macadamia nut oil in this ampoule strengthens the effect of the lecithin and visibly smoothes the skin.

The active ingredients in this ampoule are Lecithin, Macadamia nut oil, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. As a result this ampoule is suitable for a reddened, irritated skin e.g. after a peel, in order to support the regeneration of the protective mantel of the skin.

This ampoule contains 100% pure cold pressed high quality Jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is extremely compatible with the human skin (the oil is very similar to the human sebum ). Jojoba ampoule should be applied regularly to dry skin (especially dry skin affected by oil deprivation). It is recommended to use this ampoule over night to allow it to work efficiently.  

This ampoule contains 100% evening primrose oil in the highest quality. It contains a high and valuable Gamma-Linoleum Acid content.  Evening primrose oil is the ideal treatment for dry, raw, flaking skin and is recommended for many other skin problems. It is the only ingredient that can be applied to a wound or cracked skin without creating a burning sensation. As a result it is recommended to first apply the Evening primrose oil to a skin with the previously described conditions, in order to treat the condition, and then to follow up with a complete liposomes and cream treatment. The Evening Primrose Oil can be combined with a Bio-Ceramid Ampoule.

The calming soothing effect of the Aloe Vera Gel in combination with the Hyaluronic Acid and Urea makes it an outstanding product suitable for stressed irritated and cracked skin.

This ampoule contains not only Aloe Vera extract but also pure Vitamin E of plant origin as well as Vitamin A and C. As a result the calming soothing effect is even greater than with the ALOE VERA Ampoule. The Vitamin E and Vitamin A content have an additional protective and regenerating effect on the skin. This ampoule is highly recommended for an extremely dry, sun damaged or irritated skin.

Face Masks – enduring treatments that pamper the skin

The DR. BAUMANN masks and those of ­SkinIdent encompass all the individual needs of an intense skin treatment. The effects can be magnified with the prior application of a prescribed ampoule or ampoules.


The exceptional SkinIdent high quality products contain only skin identical active ingredients and vitamins.

High quality skin identical lipids treat your skin and make it wonderfully smooth and silky. Vitamin E protects the skin and D-Panthenol and Allantoin regenerate and soothe irritations. Hyaluronic Acid optimizes the moisture content of the skin.

The Multi Layer liposome dramatically improves the moisture content of the skin. Ceramides strengthen the barrier function of the surface layers of the skin. Allantoin, D-Panthenol, Vitamin E, Vitamin A and Vitamin C protect and regenerate. Your skin will look visibly firmer and toned.


With regular application, this mask provides the skin with valuable active ingredients at all levels. Fine lines and wrinkles are effectively counteracted. The goal: A clearly clearer and purer appearance. The moisture content of the skin is effectively increased. Skin impurities are steadily reduced. The complexion appears smoother, softer, vibrant, vital and beautiful. The skin regains its firmness and freshness.

This gel based mask with valuable ingredients calms and reduces irritation in stressed, reddened, irritated and impure skin. The Aloe Vera with its cooling and calming action and the healing herbs i.e. Camomile, Basil, savory and Lavender are also ideal to apply after sunbathing.

CREAM MASK normal, dry and very dry skin
Ideal when the skin not only requires moisture and active ingredients, but when the superficial oil content is insufficient. The mild, healing kaolin content of this mask has a cleansing, purifying and strongly calming effect on the skin. Concurrently the Active Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Lactic acid and Basil gives intensive treatment to the skin.

CREAM MASK oily and impure skin
The valuable ingredients such as Healing Earth, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter and Chamomile Oil give this mask a strongly calming and purifying effect. They bind the excessive sebum and dead surface cells (horny Layer cells). The skin feels measurably smoother, purer and less oily with time.