The Young Line
Gentle care for a young skin.

The specifics of Bionome Skincare!

BeauCaire is of a completely different quality to other so-called “organic” cosmetics. Some “organic” cosmetics contain certain chemical preservatives and not all natural substances are good for and compatible with the skin. We consistently capitalize on the knowledge of dermatologists and allergologists around compatibility of cosmetic ingredients and are always mindful of the ethical aspects of environmental and animal protection. The quality standards mentioned above have been conceptualized in accordance with “Bionomy” (the science of the laws of life) to create the concept of “bionome skincare”.

The following explains it in detail:

  • Optimal compatibility through consistent application of dermatological and allergological knowledge in the choice of compatible ingredients.
  • A targeted selection of ingredients whose positive effects have been accurately described and substantiated and therefore of benefit to your skin.
  • Harmony between skincare and the structure and metabolism of the skin through the utilization of skin-related ingredients and substances which exist by nature in our skin and organisms.
  • Environmentally friendly through avoidance of unnecessary packaging waste.
  • Animal-friendly through eschewal of animal substances – vegan.