Solar Cosmetics

Sun bathing and solarium require safe and uncompromising skin protection

Safe and uncompromising skin protection

Even the people that choose to expose themselves to artificial sunrays must pay attention to serious sun protection. Sunbathing and Solarium exposure and the effects of UVA Rays in both instances require the safest and most stringent skin protection of the highest and newest technical standards. This is essential before, during and after the exposure to tanning rays.

DR. BAUMANN Solar Cosmetics is comprised of a combination of specially selected skincare products and ingredient ampoules.

The highly concentrated ingredients protect and treat your skin, support a long-lasting tan and gives you a beautiful, healthy and treated appearance.

The optimal effect can be obtained by massaging the DR. BAUMANN SOLARIUM LIPOSOME  into the face and body 30 minutes before your visit to the solarium. The high quality Liposome gel with a light UV protection based on natural Vitamin E, Beta-carotene and Shea butter gives your skin the essential protection because UV-A rays can have a damaging influence especially in the deeper skin layers.

The mild lotion makes your skin soft and smooth and provides an optimal tan.

After tanning calm your skin with the DR. BAUMANN AFTER SUN LOTION, the perfect completion to tanning and treating. 

Vitamin-Power Morning and Evening

It’s the key to optimal Sun and Solarium cosmetics. After regular cleansing and the application of the DR. BAUMANN Liposome based products, treat your face and delicate neck and décolleté with the protection of natural Vitamin E every morning. Natural Vitamin E is recommended as it is far more effective than synthetic Vitamin E. In the evening the regenerating Vitamin A is ideal so that the skin can regenerate itself from the burden of the day, especially from the exposure to the UV rays.

With the practical “dose controlled ampoules” you can apply exactly as much as you require. The valuable vitamin “depot” in your skin protects you from free radical damage, reduces skin aging and skin damage that occurs as a result of UV-damage. Your skin becomes firmer and has a visibly improved surface quality, it is soft and the texture is refined.

Important to note: The exposure to solarium rays must be strictly limited and only carried out after a skin analysis by an expert. 

Tanning without UV Rays a real alternative

Natural self-tan from SkinIdent or DR. BAUMANN 

For those who choose to avoid sun tanning or the solarium but don’t want to forgo that fresh golden look, and for those who choose a more sensible route when it goes to sun exposure and as a result avoid lengthy times in the sun but still want a deep tan, the SkinIdent SELF TANNING or the DR. BAUMANN SELF TANNING LOTION will enhance and deepen your tan ­after sunbathing.

The ingredient Dihydroxy Acetone exists naturally in the human body as an interim Carbon hydroxide exchange and reacts with the Keratin in the surface layers of the skin. In this way an even, elegant and natural tan is achieved that remains for at least 2-3 days without maintenance. As a result of valuable oils such as Shea Butter, Jojoba and skin essential Vitamins E and A, the pleasantly fragranced DR. BAUMANN SELF TANNING LOTION has an important additional treatment value.

The SkinIdent SELF TANNING represents a top of the line product of the Dr. Baumann SkinIdent ­research. It contains exclusively skin identical ingredients and vitamins. Unbeatable!

Important Tip: We recommend the application of a recommended Liposome preparation (according to your skin type) prior to the application of either of the tanning preparations. This strengthens the treatment benefits as well as reinforces the even tanning effect and the intensity of the tanning.