Skin care for men
Beauty Care in a Special Way.

Skin care for men

Skin care has long ceased to be the domain of women. And that the well-groomed man in daily life enjoys pleasant benefits, is well known. Because it is no coincidence that particularly successful men attract attention with their well-groomed appearance. But care should be fast, easy and effective, so gentlemen demand it. That's exactly Dr. Baumann SkinIdent. You do not need more than 5 minutes a day to get the best possible skin condition with the help of DR. BAUMANN care products.

The shave is a significant burden on the skin, especially if it is done daily. Therefore, a special, precisely matched care is necessary, which must meet the following criteria:

No additional stress on the skin due to harmful substances in shaving gel, aftershave, cleansing and care preparations. Especially perfume, fragrances and preservatives can irritate the skin considerably and even after years of use cause severe allergies. The Japanese university in Kyoto even proved that the most commonly used preservatives massively accelerate the aging of skin cells. Mineral oils, especially in higher concentrations, can disturb the functions of the skin, in particular the barrier function.