Real Anti-Aging on a scientific and dermatological basis

on a scientific and dermatological basis

Healthy Skincare a real Anti Aging Solution

Lets be honest and realistic, a genetically determined aging of the skin can not be inevitably influenced. However it would be correct to say that there is much to be achieved within the perameters of a genetic disposition, because the aging process is not only determined by ones genes but also by environmental influences, diet, general lifestyle and naturally from using the correct skincare products. (Regarding the subjects: environmental influences,diet,and lifestyle we have developed informative brochures i.e. "Tips for the right way of treating skin exposed to the sun" and "nutrition as a skin and health treatment from a medical perspective". These free handouts are available to you at your Dr. Baumann SkinIdent Institute).

Presenting scientifically based skincare as truly Anti-Aging is not what Anti-Aging advertising necessarily represents because skincare with Anti-Aging representation must naturally fulfill all the necessary scientific and dermatological criteria.

  1. There should be no ingredients in skincare that age the skin more rapidly. Concerning the most used preservatives to be found in skinare, their influence on an accelerated aging process has already been proven in 2006 by scientific research carried out by the Kyoto University in Japan.
  2. There should be no substances in skincare products that can cause allergies or cause other skin ailments. Perfumes, fragrances and etherial oils are considered to be the most common source of allergies in cosmetics. However every other ingedient used that is not “skin friendly” can result in an allergic reaction. For that reason the safest, healthiest route to avoid allergies is clearly to only use products in which all the ingredients are skin identical ingredients that naturally occur in the skin.
  3. One has to somehow negate the idea in ones mind that natural ingredients are always healthy and good, as has been the clear direction of many companies when one looks at the advertising being done, especially in the last few years. Many of those very ingredients count as ingredients that cause the most frequent allergic reactions and skin diseases. Fragrance and etherial oils belong to the group of “natural ingredients” most often used in cosmetics and count as preservatives just as parabens, benzoic acid and sorbic acid which also occur in nature. Therefore it is important to understand that the immune system is not able to differentiate between natural and synthetic, but rather between body identical or alien to the body. The Dr. Baumann SkinIdent researchers, as is the case with many other scientists do not regard “natural cosmetics” as ”leading the way“. The determining factors for the Dr. Baumann SkinIdent research is the difference between what is healthy or unhealthy for the skin and body.
  4. The ingredients in skincare must support and secure the natural functions of the skin and regenerate and protect it. Skin identical lipids optimally strengthen the barrier function of the epidermis and as a result ensure a perfectly moisturised, beautiful skin. Regarding specific vitamins and the correct dosage, scientific research has been able to confirm that one can protect the skin perfectly and visibly regenerate it in a completely natural way.

Conclusion: Exactly these criterion have been realised in the unique (in the world) skincare line SkinIdent. The Dr. Baumann SkinIdent research carried out over 14 years achieved a breakthrough in 2003. SkinIdent is an international first and only skincare line composed of body identical, meaning skin identical active ingredients and vitamins. SkinIdent fulfills all the previously mentioned scientific-dermatalogical criterion perfectly and can present a truly effective Anti-Aging treatment regumin, that can achieve optimal results within the confines of an individuals genetic disposition.