Dry Dehydrated Skin?

It all depends on correct care!

Perfect for daily skincare at home

Is your skin, dry, raw, flaky and dull? Do you have a taut and perhaps an itchy feeling? Does your skin feel coarse?

The prognosis is most likely a dry skin. This is the most common skin type. The cause of a dry and sensitive skin is almost always a result of a lipid deficiency in the surface barrier of the epidermis (the upper layers of the skin). These mentioned lipids are absent from the skin and as a result an enormous moisture loss cannot be curtailed. The moisture loss is caused as a result of the skins damaged protective barrier. Allergens and pollutants in the environment are able to penetrate the skin more easily because of the damaged protective barrier.

The skin also reacts with increased sensitivity to external irritants. Research indicates that by applying highly concentrated Mineral Oils (Paraffin) one can determine the effectiveness of the barrier function of the skin. This can be ascertained by the fact that the skin and especially the lips are always in need of a further application of Mineral Oils to create an occlusive effect (sealing the pores) in order to prevent further dehydration from occurring. Scientific studies have proven that with the application of skin identical lipids and liposomes, without chemical preservatives and fragrance, well treated skin can quickly regenerate its barrier function and will immediately become visibly more moisturised. When your skin barrier is intact then the skin is softer, smoother and lines and wrinkles are more refined.

Possible causes of dry skin

  • Genetic-disposition
  • Hormonal influences
  • Incorrect cleansing routine e.g. aggressive, detergent substances in your cleansing products.
  • Excessive use of a solarium
  • Incorrect skincare after the solarium
  • Treatment products containing Mineral Oils and Mineral Waxes in high concentrations.
  • Aging caused by a reduction in sebum formation (oil)
  • Exposure to high and low temperatures
  • Incorrect daily skincare

What can one do?

Meaningful skincare should support the building of an intact protective barrier and secure it with an optimal moisture content. Liposomes derived from phospholipids, sphingolipids, ceramides and linoleic acid as well as other valuable fatty acids, support the damaged protective barrier of a dry skin and prevent an excessive loss of the natural moisture retention factors. Therefore a dry or sensitive skin requires all the essential “building blocks” in the form of horny layer lipids, moisture and sebum to be present in the skincare products.

It is further recommended to strictly avoid all components such as mineral oils, mineral waxes and “hidden” cleansing detergent substances present in most skin and body care as these substances can disturb the building of the skins barrier between the cells. This also applies to all makeup articles.

One should further take into account that when one stops using skincare and makeup containing mineral oils and starts to use skin identical lipids in its place, it may cause a harmless “temporary reaction” on the skin. There may also be a slight feeling of dryness. The explanation for this is that it is an indication that the skin is temporarily experiencing a greater moisture loss and in addition skin problems may also be more apparent. This condition may be experienced over a few days. This is because the “sealing” mineral oil is no longer present on the skin and the skin needs time to restore its natural barrier function. In conclusion, a positive sign for your skin because your skin is starting to regenerate itself.

What advantages do you have?

  • With DR. BAUMANN products and especially with SkinIdent you ensure that your skin receives a highly active, genuine Anti-Aging treatment that gives your skin optimal protection. They support the barrier function of the skin and secure optimal moisture levels in the skin.
  • Your skin is no longer stressed and taut.
  • Your skin appears smoother and silkier.
  • The skins premature aging is forcefully counteracted.
  • You have no excessive build up of the horny layer.
  • You feel good in your skin once more.

Treat yourself and your family daily only with products that can offer you the highest possible safety for your skin and your health. Only then is an additional Beauty Institute/SPA treatment necessary and successful. As your cosmetician I would be happy to advise you about what ingredients and skincare products are most suitable for your skin. In this way I am also able to take responsibility for your skin and help you to achieve the best possible skin appearance and condition.