The Classical Line
Beauty Care in a Special Way.

The paradigm of the skin

With DR. BAUMANN liposome products you treat your skin with exactly the same substances which are found there naturally. Simply put, you are caring for your skin with “skin”! Can there be anything more natural for the skin? An important requirement is that liposome products do not contain preservatives or perfume. Certainly you now understand why our skincare products are so effective and compatible with the skin. Criteria for natural cosmetics which allow, for example, preservatives to be included are not adequate in our opinion. Our specific quality requirements adhere to the notion of “bionome beauty care”.

Responsibility for people, animals and environment

An important goal of Dr. Baumann SkinIdent is to look after the animals and the environment. We therefore do not use unnecessary packaging such as outer packaging around containers and bottles, and for the sake of animal protection we do not use any animal substances in our products. Animal ingredients in cosmetic products derive predominantly from waste from slaughterhouses and from animals who have suffered their whole lives in “factory farms” where animals are intensively mass-farmed. True animal protection completely rejects the killing of any animal. A meat-free diet does not only benefit animals but also your health and therefore your skin.