The Connection between Human Rights, |Animal Rights and Environmental Protection

On the 02.12.2008 on the TV station Arte a documentary entitled "Die Hungerkrise"- The Hunger Crisis was televised. About a billion humans ( humans) world-wide suffer from hunger and many die of starvation. Why is this case? Because plants and other vegetation is not available to these people, but utilized mainly for the production of meat, milk and eggs (e.g. to produce 1 kg of meat one needs about 4-16 kg of plants and 4 to 20 tons water!). All the animals in the world bound for the abattoirs use a calorie quantity, which corresponds to the calorie need of 8.7 billion humans, thus in fact more than the present world population. A single steak contains sufficient plant energy to nourish about 40 hungry human beings for one entire day.

A clip from this film:,CmC=2326938.html

By the way in this film not one animal welfare activist comes to word but only internationally recognised agrarian experts.

The keeping of domestic cattle is recognised world-wide as the largest emitter of greenhouse gases, greater than that of motor traffic and is thus the main cause of the global climatic change and/or climatic disaster. Large parts of the rain forest are eroded, in order to cultivate the masses of plants, which are fed to the abattoir designated animals.

This situation is complete madness: For meat, milk, eggs etc. animals are often tormented and killed in a painful manner both in and outside slaughterhouses. Starving humans are tormented over the withheld food and left to die. Humans in the industrial nations accept the scientifically proven health dangers as causers for cancer, heart circulatory illnesses etc from food derived from animals. In addition to this the environment is destroyed and a climatic disaster results. But the most important question is: Is it worthwhile to take this liability caused by our consumer behaviour and the subsequent consequences for humans, animals and the environment on oneself? Every one of us decides on the fate of both animals and humans every day at the store with the purchase of meat, milk, eggs and other products of animal origin. We decide each day at the store whether we give the best chances along the way. By varied, well planned, healthy vegan diet without products of animal origin we best serve humans, the animals, the environment and ourselves.

Dr. Ernst Walter Henrich (January 2009)


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