The Classical Line
Beauty Care in a Special Way.

Exceptional Compatibility

The scientifically-based selection of ingredients means that the probability of allergies is minimized and provides the basis for outstanding compatibility and effectiveness. Specific fragrances, essential oils and preservatives in cosmetics can trigger allergies. These are referred to in technical literature such as the “Blue List” (published by ECV) and the IVDK “Investigation into the prevalence of environmental contact allergies” commissioned by the National Environmental Agency in 2004. Even if your skin has tolerated allergens for a long period of time, sustained use can cause allergic skin reactions months or even years down the line. In the interests of our clients we would like to minimize this risk. Therefore Dr. Baumann SkinIdent has invested a considerable amount in research to make products smell pleasant without the use of perfume, fragrance or essential oils and durable without the addition of preservatives. (For identification of perfumes and chemical preservatives see the article “Consumer Protection” on page six). Certain DR. BAUMANN products contain essential oils which are listed on each product in accordance with legal requirements.

Scientific Expertise

Dr. Baumann SkinIdent manufactures high-quality products for particularly discerning and informed people. All decisions are made by qualified academics (doctor and cosmetic chemist) who are the also the owners of the company. The focus is on benefits for you and your skin and not on adapting to changing cosmetic fashion trends which have questionable value for your skin.

Scientific Accuracy and Honesty

We guarantee that at Dr. Baumann SkinIdent no false or exaggerated promises are made. Our goal is to secure the best for you and your skin within predisposed limits.

Our multilamellar liposomes are comprised of the same lipids as human skin cells. These lipids and the ceramides we use are important components of the intercellular substance between the skin cells.

Documented Effectiveness

Multilamellar liposomes exhibit a range of effects which are particularly advantageous in caring for the skin. They are able to transport important active substances such as skin-friendly vitamins into the skin and greatly improve the skin’s moisture content within a short period of time.