Well Groomed Men are more attractive

Simple, fast and effective skincare for men

Skincare is no longer the domain of women and it is obvious that a well groomed man has advantages in everyday life. It’s no coincidence that successful, groomed men are readily noticed and their appearance results in positive reactions. Men want simple, fast solutions to their daily skincare needs. Dr. Baumann SkinIdent products offer exactly that. You need only 5 minutes daily in order to achieve an optimal skincare condition.

Shaving is a real burden for the skin especially when it is a daily occurrence. Therefore precise, recommended skincare is essential and it must fulfill the following criteria:

No additional burden on the skin through questionable ingredients in shaving creams, gels, shaving tonics, cleansers and treatment products. It is exactly those fragrances and preservatives that irritate the skin and can lead to serious allergies after years of use. The University of Kyoto in Japan has proved and documented that the constant use of the most commonly used preservatives in skincare will result in dramatic aging of the skin. Mineral oils, especially when in high quantities can disturb the functions of the skin, particularly the barrier functions.

As shaving is responsible for strongly irritated skin, it should be treated daily with skin identical lipids and Vitamin A to actively regenerate and soothe it. Natural Vitamin E serves as an effective protection for stressed skin. Allergies that result from substances that are not skin friendly must be treated exclusively with skin identical ingredients and vitamins such as ­SkinIdent, ideal for the specific requirements of a mans skin.

Problems such as skin irritations and redness are minimized in a short time especially when the skin (beard) is prepared beforehand so that the shave can be carried out as gently as possible. We therefore recommend SkinIdent CLEANSING MILK or DR. BAUMANN CLEANSING MILK SPECIAL to be applied on a damp skin. Allow yourself the perfect luxury of applying a Liposome product on the skin, (after the dampening but before the saving proceeds.) This Liposome preparation should also be applied after the shave. In this way you obtain the perfect possibility for a gentle shave. Instead of a skin irritating After Shave with fragrance, we recommend a gentle skin friendly alternative with the SkinIdent FACIAL TONIC. Your skin will now be perfectly prepared for the Liposome treatment and recommended treatment cream to follow.

In addition to your daily skincare it is recommended especially for a skin with large pores and thick horny layer that you carry out a peeling using DR. BAUMANN peeling products 1 – 4 times per week.This will remove dead cells on the skins surface and will improve the blood circulation in the skin. The result is a fresh skin that absorbs active ingredients more effectively. The recommended peeling product is massaged gently into a moist skin and is rinsed off with water (avoid the eye area and shave sensitive areas).

In addition to the daily facial treatment, the perfect body treatment is essential for the well groomed man.

DR. BAUMANN also has the perfect treatment products for your body care. From the prescribed body lotion, (according to skin condition) the effective deodorant, a refreshing shower gel and gentle hair treatment products all of which can be use safely on a daily basis. This also applies to hand cream, lip balm, and refreshing foot cream. In the late hours an eye gel and an eye cream give a refreshed appearance to the eye area.

The more the skin ages the more support it needs. As a rule a reasonable amount of skin and hair care products are necessary in order to regenerate the skin and maintain its fresh appearance. This also means all the necessary ingredients geared to your specific skin condition.

An authorised Dr. Baumann SkinIdent cosmetician will gladly analyse your skin condition and provide you with a perfect solution. It is important to provide your skin with sufficient moisture, as it suffers from extreme moisture loss in air-conditioned offices and when flying (this cause’s extreme moisture loss). In addition the effects of nicotine, alcohol, exaggerated sun tanning and an incorrect diet have a direct influence on rapid aging. Further information on healthy nutrition can be found in our flyer “Nutrition as Skin and Health Care” from a doctor’s perspective.

Always remember that your skin must be treated like a good friend and must be protected from everything that may cause it harm. Your skin is your largest organ and therefore healthy skincare does not only allow for a better appearance, but also for a younger healthier skin for your whole life.