Gentle bionome care for babies

What is good for mum and dad‘s skin is essential for their children’s skin.

Treating, spoiling and healthy

Especially in vulnerable developing babies and toddlers treating them with care products that include questionable ingredients such as fragrance, mineral oils and chemical preservatives are not recommended.

With the development of the DR. BAUMANN and especially SkinIdent products one can safely rule out the danger to delicate baby skin as every ingredient has been measured at least as carefully as in every other DR. BAUMANN product, according to dermatological, bionome and health criteria as is also the case with all the face and body products. The Skin­Ident products are not only ideal for mum and dad but also for every baby because Skin­Ident contains not only protecting and treating vitamins but has also been manufactured only from ingredients and active ingredients that occur naturally in every human organism. This gentle, natural treatment truly represents perfection. With these products we can only encourage you to spoil your little ones with a wonderful baby massage and care using the bionome DR. BAUMANN, or the SkinIdent, products in order to really pamper your babies.

The most important products for treating babies and toddlers are:

  • SkinIdent VITAMIN CREAM dry skin
  • SkinIdent BODY LOTION

Stroking, pampering and treating your baby

Gentle touch is wonderful for babies as their sense of touch is already very well developed. The gentle massage with the DR. BAUMANN and SkinIdent care products, truly works “wonders”. It deepens the relationship between the parents and child, is healthy and makes the little one happy and relaxed.

Touch is the first “language” that a baby understands. Every soft touch is registered by the highly sensitive nerve endings in the skin and transferred to the brain, releasing wonderful happy feelings.

A gentle baby massage encourages the timeless feelings of trust and intensifies the bond between every mother and child. Every mother who gently strokes and massages her child knowingly takes time and offers the child her complete attention. Naturally dad should also stroke and massage his baby in order to build and strengthen a closer relationship with his child.

The massage also encourages very important movement and encourages a healthy digestion. The massage movements stimulate the flow and function of the lymphatic system and thereby strengthen the baby’s immune system. The regular stroking of babies has been practiced in India since time immemorial.

In our western culture it is regrettably seldom that parents show their emotions by gently stroking their babies lovingly in the warm sunshine. This reluctance is understandable in some part when one becomes aware of the ingredients that are to be found in baby creams, oils and lotions.

Baby massage – Using the bionome products by DR. BAUMANN and SkinIdent

In order to achieve the best results mix a reasonable amount of product, using either Skin­Ident VITAMIN CREAM dry skin or DR. BAUMANN BABY & KIDS CREAM together with the DR. BAUMANN INTENSIVE LOTION in a small bowl.This mixture should be applied liberally to the baby’s body at the commencement of the massage. The more cream one applies at the commencement of the massage the less one needs to break contact with the baby during the massage to reapply product.

One of the ground rules of the bionome baby massage is to ensure that one always has one hand on the baby even while reapplying product to the body. In this way the child never feels “alone” and can relax completely. Please ensure that the massage movements are always soft and gentle and never jerky.

First warm your hands and warm the cream by placing the cream mixture in the glass bowl in a larger pot of warm water to make it pleasant for the baby.

  1. Start by massaging the right sole of the foot in gentle circular movements.
  2. Using your thumbs stroke the baby’s right leg gently moving towards the middle of the body. Then close your hands around the leg and massage to the centre of the body.
  3. Do the same with the left foot and leg.
  4. Stroke the stomach gently with circular movements (clockwise).
  5. Then massage the upper body firstly massaging (with both hands simultaneously) up and down. Then stroke gently diagonally across upper part of the body.
  6. Hold the right leg and bring it upwards to touch the right hand. Then bring the left leg upwards to touch the left hand.
  7. Now let the left leg touch the right hand and the right leg the left hand.
  8. Gently stroke the body with light movements towards the arms

Now turn the baby on his/her stomach.

  1. Massage the soles of the feet with gentle circular movements.
  2. Stroke the legs gently towards the stomach.
  3. Then massage the back (upper body with both hands simultaneously) up and down. Then stroke gently diagonally across upper part of the body.

Place the baby on his/her back again in order to carry out a face massage

  1. Stroke the baby starting from the fontanel backwards and forwards and to the right and left. (Fontanel is the area in newborns where the scalp has not yet closed).
  2. Gently stroke the eyebrows from the inner to outer side.
  3. Massage the cheeks with circular movements.
  4. Massage the face starting from just above the chin up towards the forehead

Generally the baby will not lie quietly during the massage. However as long the baby appears to be enjoying the massage it should not be interrupted. Only if the baby starts to cry or shows displeasure then one can end the massage immediately. Also adults don’t enjoy a massage if they don’t feel well or something disturbs them.

The wellbeing and happiness of the baby should always be the main priority!