Your Goal: A skin in an Optimal Condition

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A Beautiful and Healthy Skin

The condition of your skin is also influenced by your genetic disposition. This can naturally not be altered. You can however, change and optimize the treatment of your skin – externally and internally. All Dr. Baumann SkinIdent Cosmetic Institutes are specialists in this area. They are not only experts when it comes to treating your skin but are also qualified to competently answer any questions regarding your daily skincare. Their position requires them to be equipped with and work with the latest scientific knowledge founded on a holistic base. As the treatment in a cosmetic institute can realistically only be a block in an entire treatment concept, parallel to the beauty salon treatment, homecare products have a critical meaning when it comes to the beauty and health of ones skin.The use of incorrect homecare products with questionable ingredients over days, months and even years cannot be corrected in a two hour treatment in a beauty institute. Therefore the health value and good standing of every ingredient is crucial especially when it applies to skincare for home use. Your skin is covered with treatment products around the clock; therefore it is obvious to every layman that with this constant contact with the skin every ingredient must be not only unquestionable but valuable from a health standpoint,. It is clear too that every ingredient that is suspect must be avoided and only those that can make a valuable contribution to the skin should be acceptable. It is unfortunately the case that certain preservatives in skincare products can age your skin three times faster than normal. The use of fragrance and colorants often cause allergic reactions and mineral oils close the pores and disrupt the natural functions of a healthy skin.

Therefore it is the responsibility of every Dr. Baumann SkinIdent Cosmetic Institute to thoroughly check the ingredients in every skincare product. Only in this way can one be assured that no suspicious ingredients are constantly in daily contact with your skin. After this consultation you will be well informed and able to select the healthiest and best products for your skin, together with your cosmetician. 

*Only Cosmetic Institutes with the Dr. Baumann SkinIdent “exclusive status” are permitted to represent the exclusive SkinIdent

A holistic approach to treatment from without and within is optimum

Healthy skincare from without, especially with the SkinIdent is an important part of a complete overall treatment. Your nutrition is the other important part of optimal skin care as the skin is provided with essential nourishment from the blood vessels in the Dermis. This nourishment was previously sourced from the digestive system and then reabsorbed into the intestines. The valuable nutrients can only be absorbed in an optimal constellation by the blood vessels and transported into the skin if they are initially present in ones nutrition. Therefore it is also essential to avoid substances in ones diet that are suspect. According to recent scientific studies these substances are to be found in products that are of animal origin i.e. meat, sausages, fish, milk and dairy products. Only a healthy and varied diet can ensure that the skin and all other organs are supplied with healthy nutrients. Nutrition should not be determined or influenced by habits or questionable opinions of self proclaimed “experts” or the messages proclaimed by the advertisements financed by the food industry. The only valuable and reliable source of information continues to be the findings of recognised nutritionists and scientists worldwide. Dr. Baumann SkinIdent scientists: Dr. med. Ernst Walter Henrich and the rer. Nat. Thomas Baumann supports the findings and opinions of the international research. Naturally the international nutritional scientist organizations ADA (The America Dietetic Association) and DC (The Dieticians of Canada) took the results of the worldwide nutrition studies into account and recommend a vegan diet without meat, fish, milk, cheese or eggs for health reasons. In a joint declaration and statement of their position in 2003 the ADA and DC made a clear statement in support of the health advantages of vegetarian and vegan nutrition. The most acclaimed Nutritionists in the USA and Canada are to be found in these organisations. The ADA alone has 70,000 members.In the published paper it states that:

“Well planned vegan and other forms of vegetarian nutrition are suitable for every phase of our life cycle, including pregnancy, lactation, early and late childhood, and adolescence. Vegetarian nutrition offers a list of advantages”.

They further state that:

"It is the position of the American Dietetic Association (ADA) and the (DC) the Dieticians of Canada, that a reasonable, planned vegetarian diet is beneficial for good health. The nutrients are appropriate as are the health advantages for the prevention and treatment of specific illnesses. This serves to encourage and support a vegetarian diet".

We would encourage you to also refer to our flyer: "Nutrition as Skin and Health Care".

SkinIdent – the best series resulting from the Dr. Baumann SkinIdent research

SkinIdent is the only body identical and therefore skin identical treatment series in the world that comprises of exclusively skin identical active ingredients and vitamins. An optimal effect can only be achieved when optimal tolerance is reached.

Allergies are known to occur as a result of ingredients not recognised as “friendly” by the body. SkinIdent contains only (skin identical) body identical active ingredients and vitamins. A combination of skin identical lipids and highly active vitamins work in a gentle manner to achieve a genuine Anti-Aging effect.

This is an optimal, healthy skincare in all its perfection. It is unique in these specific qualities worldwide.