What is Really Healthy For You and Your Skin

The scientific facts in a short form to assist you

Many people believe that "Natural" is the healthiest for your skin

Many people believe that “Natural” is the healthiest for your skin when infact, this is not always the case. Herewith some examples:

  • The most used preserving ingredients also occur in nature. The University of Kyoto found evidence that concluded that those preservatives can cause the skin to age three times faster.
  • Natural elements, such as ethereal oils can be the cause of severe allergies. Since 2005, certain designated fragrances derived from ethereal oils must be specifically declared, according to EU regulations.
  • It is thought that certain natural components may be a cause of cancer.

Fact: Nature is therefore not necessarily healthy. That is why our immune system does not decide between “natural” and “synthetic/chemical” but rather between “body identical” or ”body non identical” because the task of our immune system is to resist all damaging, non compatible substances, thereby keeping us healthy.

These facts are to be found in any medical textbook. The Dr. Baumann SkinIdent research under the direction of the medical doctor Dr. Ernst Walter Henrich and Dr. Thomas Baumann a doctor of natural sciences drew their conclusions for a really healthy skin and healthy beauty products from this research. They conceptualized and developed the skincare line SkinIdent which is a unique, one of a kind skincare line worldwide. SkinIdent contains only substances that are an integral part of the body and skin having been measured and proved scientifically.

The result is an outstanding allergological tolerance and a real Anti Aging effect achieved from optimal doses of vitamins and other highly effective ingredients. The SkinIdent VITAMIN CREAM was tested by “Ökotest” and awarded the highest notation “very good” (pamphlet 08.04)

SkinIdent supports both beauty and healthy skincare in complete harmony with your skin, your health and your wellbeing. It is a unique skincare line that has not existed previously. Further detailed information can be found in the SkinIdent Catalogue.

Fact: A really healthy skincare line takes the “nature of the skin” into account, meaning its composition, metabolism and its function. So according to this statement, all content and active ingredients in a skincare series should follow precisely this format and only this example should be relevant. It should be clear that just one incorrect ingredient in only one product can destroy every positive result.

What nutrition is the best for your skin and your health?

Certainly you have heard at least once that many illnesses are caused as a result of incorrect dietary habits. Nutrition and as a result the Nutrient supply have an overwhelming responsibility for the function and health of all our organs. How should one orientate oneself when it comes to such an important question of the right nutrition? Should we base our decisions according to the advertising done by food producers who most certainly want to earn richly from the sales of their products? Or from some self confirmed “nutrition gurus” who hold seminars and write books in order to enrich their bank accounts? Or perhaps choosing to rely on old dietary habits that have already made many people ill?

How can we find the kind of nutrition that ­protects our health in an optimal way and that perfectly treats and nourishes our skin from within?

The answer is so simple:

  • There are a great number of nutritionists who have published papers and articles from renowned universities and clinics throughout the world. A number of these papers can be found on internet sites like the “The medical community for the promotion of vegetarianism” (Ärztegesellschaft zur Förderung des Vegetarismus) www.fleisch-macht-krank.de. Those studies give us a clear and objective picture about what is healthy and what is unhealthy.
  • Also TV programmes are starting to inform people about the dangers of “supposedly” good products. See: 
  • In 2003 the ADA (American Dietary Association) and the DC (Dieticians of Canada) ­published the results of a number of scientific studies on nutrition in a position paper ­ www.eatright.org announcing a joint statement of their position, the ADA and DC made a clear statement in support of the health advantages of vegetarian and vegan nutrition. The most acclaimed Nutritionists in the USA and Canada are to be found in these organisations. The ADA alone has 70,000 members. In the published paper it states that “Well planned vegan and other forms of vegetarian nutrition are suitable for every phase of our life cycle, including pregnancy, lactation, early and late childhood, and adolescence. Vegetarian nutrition offers a list of advantages”.    

They further state that: "It is the position of the American Dietetic Association (ADA) and the (DC) the Dieticians of Canada, that a reasonable, planned vegetarian diet is beneficial for good health. The nutrients are appropriate as are the health advantages for the prevention and treatment of specific illnesses. This serves to encourage and support a vegetarian diet."

Our recommendation: A diet that merely avoids food of animal origin is not healthy. Only a well planned and well balanced nutrition is effective and healthy. It must contain the most important nutrients in adequate proportions and avoid all nutrients of animal origin. We would be happy to advise you further on this important issue because we want to ensure that you receive the optimum treatment from without and within in order to ensure that you enjoy the best possible results for your skin and your health.