The Young Line
Gentle care for a young skin.

Give up mineral oils – for the sake of your skin!

Mineral oils and paraffin wax are very cheap and can therefore considerably reduce the cost of manufacturing skincare products. However in high concentrations it can build up an impermeable film on the surface of the skin and therefore impair or even obstruct the replenishment of the skin’s lipid barrier. This disruption of the skin’s physiology can lead to an itchy, dried-out skin; even after use of a product containing mineral oils is discontinued for a given period of time and replaced by a high-quality product containing natural plant oils. Therefore BeauCaire chooses to forgo the low-priced mineral oils. 

Naturalness through skin-related lipids

Through the utilization of plant-based lipids, which also occur as important building-blocks in human skin, we are guaranteed strong compatibility and a high level of naturalness.

The multilamellar liposomes developed by BeauCaire are comprised of these very same lipids. Simply put, you are caring for your skin with “skin”. Could there be anything more natural for your skin? Multilamellar liposomes are not only extraordinary active ingredients but also excipients e.g. they transport skin-friendly and protective vitamins to the skin.

Especially important is also the enormous improvement in the skin’s moisture content in only a matter of days through the use of multilamellar liposomes. Even a short exposure to a few characteristics of the active profile of multi-lamellar liposomes suggests their ingenious properties and shows their importance for optimal skincare.