The Young Line
Gentle care for a young skin.

Responsibility towards environment, animals and people

The rational development of a product also requires that expensive, extravagant containers and packaging be done away with. They are of no consequence to the condition of the skin and are an unnecessary burden on the environment.
Cosmetics should not only be environmentally friendly and benefit the user by being optimally compatible and effective, but also consider the needs of our fellow creatures. Animal ingredients in cosmetic products derive predominantly from waste from slaughterhouses and from animals who have suffered their whole lives in “factory farms” where animals are intensively mass-farmed. Just like other animal conservationists we consider factory farming a terrible form of animal cruelty and therefore have nothing to do with animal ingredients. On ethical grounds we also object to the killing of animals on principle, because as our fellow creatures they have a right to life and deserve to be treated with integrity. Please consider that as a rule no old or sick animals are slaughtered, but almost invariably animals which are in the prime of their lives or even still babies (calves, piglets etc) whose short lives after the separation from their mothers were a living nightmare.

Conclusion: Concentrating on the Essentials

Concentrating on the fundamentals is a priority at BeauCaire: Compatibility with and effectiveness on the skin as well as consideration for the wellbeing of animals and the environment. In addition to skincare without animal substances we naturally also recommend a healthy vegetarian diet for the nourishment of your skin and the wellbeing of our fellow creatures.